Dress Doctor can make Men fashion aware and start to show them why women are attracted to dresses like boys to footballs.

Stephanie Witt, Founder - Dress Doctor

Personal Shopping Services for Men

The Consultation

Meet me for a chat and a wardrobe dissection – where we establish which clothes gotta go and what works to best reflect your personality. We want you to feel great and sport clothes that are practical for every day wear. Share your ideas and visions with me and together we can come up with a winning look for your whole wardrobe or just for that one off special occasion. 

£35.00 (Half an hour)

The Shopping Trip

Tradition has it that you boys can think of nothing worse than trawling up and down the high street on a Saturday afternoon. That is why we will not venture out before we have drafted out our game plan.
We will have a Hit List:
Where will we shop?
What exactly are we looking for?
How much cash have you got to splash?
How much time do we have?
With this in place hopefully it will be a smooth transition from uncomfortable alpha male to kitted out metro sexual!

£50.00 (per hour)

The Revisit Session

So I have left you to your own devices for a month. Have you let it slide by the way side, or is your girlfriend relishing your cool new look? We will have a wardrobe evaluation and see if there is anything further I can help you with.

£50.00 (per hour)

The Brownie Point Earner

Maybe it’s your girlfriend’s birthday and you want to get her a perfect dress or some sexy stilettos. Need a little advice and some female wisdom then give me a buzz. I can help you choose at outfit that will make her swoon and no one need know that I helped spy it!  

£50.00 (per hour)