The peak of your shopping experience will be when you slip that jacket on - you feel like it’s your second skin and it was designed especially for you.

Stephanie Witt, Founder - Dress Doctor

Personal Shopper Services

I have a range of services to suit everyone, and their pockets. Please see below for the different ways in which I can help you.

How it works

Step 1 - The Consultation

The first step to your new look will be an half an hour consultation, where I will get to know what you want from your new wardrobe. I will ask you about your likes, dislikes, your favourite fashion moment and what sort of look you aspire to.

Alternatively, I will fill your head with ideas of how you could look and what items I think will really bring out your features and make you feel fantastic.

Step 2 - The Shopping

Post consultation you will be ready to hit the high street, with me closely in tow.

Trial and error will serve us well and clothes will be brutally discarded if they don’t fit the bill during our quest to find that perfectly cut trouser, those killer heels and that LBD to die for.

Maybe, you are not after a whole new look, just an outfit for a special occasion or a hot date. I would be delighted to take you shopping and explore the different options focusing on hot trends or classic timeless looks.

Using books and getting inspiration from celebrities and designers we will put together a formula that will equal your very own ideal and affordable wardrobe. Whether you choose to go shopping with me in Primark or Harvey Nics (or combine the two) I promise you a fun filled and rewarding experience, in which you will learn the components needed to create a look exclusively your own.

Step 3 - Home Visit and Wardrobe Refresher

A month after our shopping trip I will meet you for a coffee or come to your home to discuss how your new look is working for you and what needs adding or tweaking. During this time we can talk about how your wardrobe has impacted your everyday life or how that killer gown went down at the charity ball.

The Services

The Consultation

This will be our initial meeting to establish how I can help and the look you want to create. Feel free to bring cuttings or catalogues of dresses and outfits that have that wow factor. Or sit back and sip a latte whilst I do all the hard work...

Cost £35. (Half an hour)

The Shopping Trip

This is the fun part. After we have agreed where you would like to go on the high street we will work together trying on outfits and building the foundations for that fresh look you aspire to.

Add Accessories

Put a white blouse under that shift dress

Contrast the colour scheme

Realise that trouser has pleats in all the wrong places and find a better style.

Cost £50 (per hour)

The Follow up Meeting

I meet up with you either at your house so we can sift through your clothes or in a café so I can get your feedback on what has worked and what needs a second go. I can then tell which direction you are headed and add to your trends or suggest new combinations for outfits that you never knew you already had.

Cost £50 (per hour)

The One Off Occasion Piece

Going to a black tie event and never had to wear a gown or pitching up in a tent at Glastonbury and need to know how to make wellies and waterproofs look chic - I’m your girl. I will spend an hour or the whole day with you scouring the high street in search of something that has your name written all over it!

Cost £50 (per hour)